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P5 210 / HS

The hybrid printer that elevates the efficiency in your production cycle

The hybrid printer that increases the efficiency of your production cycle. The P5 350 is the hybrid solution for roll and flatbed printing up to 3.5 m and in the High Speed version reaches a productivity of up to 708 sqm/h (7,620 sq.ft/h). Fast media change, simple maintenance management and full security make the printing process much more efficient.

Max. productivity - 325 m²/h - HS: 708 m²/h

Max. printing width - 3.5 m 

Colors - up to 8 - HS: up to 10 

Highest resolution - 1.200 dpi

Automation - Full & 3/4

P5 350/210/HS

P5 350/210/HS

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