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A revolutionary software ecosystem that covers all relevant aspects of your printing business
– open and modular.

Smart and easy-to-use software solutions
to optimize the printing process

Durst Software & Solutions offers smart and simple software
solutions to streamline the process “From Pixel to

The solutions that are specially adapted for digital printing – from initial file creation to prepress to production and final analysis.


Help improve your print production processes and simplify your business. Consulting and training services tailored to your needs

specific needs help you achieve optimized work processes.

The Durst software is modular and can be flexibly adapted
to your needs – from a simple stand-alone solution to a
fully integrated system. All products are individually expandable

and can be used for large format, label, corrugated and textile printing


Durst Lift ERP is a print-specific cloud-based business system that automates all processes within your printing shop and provides atransparent, paperless and interactive experience for youand your customers.


A configurable software suite to keep your print shop running and efficient. Streamline your business from quote to delivery with Lift ERP.

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Durst Lift ERP

Durst Smart Shop & Editor

Durst Smart Shop is an innovative web-to-print solution designed for the printing industry. From E-commerce of products with print-specific attributes to print-ready PDF files: a global solution to address target groups, acquire new customers and offer them unlimited customization options with the Durst Smart Editor online editor.

Durst Smart Editor is a cloud-based application that
allowing personalized print products to be designed directlyin the browser. 

It is easy to integrate into your existing webshop via API.

Let your customers get exactly what they want with product customizationin real-time and realistic previews and receive their ordersas a print-ready file.

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A browser-based software solution that combinesprepress and production tasks.File control, data preparation, color management, inkand media saving and much more.

Durst Workflow is the ideal toolbox to ensure an efficient production flow with
optimal results in the shortest time.

Createpredictableprint files,manage your process according to your production requirementsand get feedbackin real time onstream status

with Durst Workflow.

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Durst Workflow


Durst Analytics

The analysis software designed for your Durst printer to
propose a data-driven decision. Custom dashboards with key performance information, production timelines, detailed job information, and KPI reports.
Spare parts conditions are also easily checked allowing for preventive maintenance. Increase your productivity and keep your equipment under control with Durst Analytics.

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